ATTENTION! Digital Agencies & Freelancers,
Do want to estimate projects accurately without the anxiety?

Create Project Estimates Without the Guesswork, Quickly. Harness the Speed of AI and Spreadsheet Accuracy.

EstiMate is your lightweight estimation co-pilot. Eliminate spreadsheets, build profits and close deals faster. Made by agencies, for agencies, powered by AI.

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Breathe. Focus, and start estimating projects with greater confidence.

Step 1

Setup your team & project

Create a team profile and set the requirements for your project.

Step 2

Build your plan

Using the power of AI, create a plan with pre-built estimation components.

Step 3

Refine your edge cases

Adjust with ease, auto-updated - add in later, remove scope, no broken formulas.

Step 4

Track & learn

Track performance to better understand your team capabilities next proposal.

As an Agency Owner

I want to grow our business and support our team. But I'm swamped with project estimates, trying to win bids without compromising our budget. This diversion stresses me, making me worry about cash flow and risking what we've built.

As a Freelancer

I want to focus on delivering quality work. Yet, I'm bogged down by optimizing my offerings and figuring out costs. I need balance without sacrificing my craft or earnings.

As a Project Manager

Navigating chaotic estimates while trying to safeguard my team's well-being is draining. Between deciphering complex spreadsheets, adjusting locked-in prices, and handling abrupt changes, finding the right balance to ensure quality work is like an uphill battle.

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